Thumbs Up! Awards and Feedback


We’re delighted to have received a number of lovely awards and comments from you over the past year. It’s encouraging to know that people are reading some of the stories we’re putting together and starting conversations with us about them. Even better, More

Help, I’m Drowning in Sugar!

Artwork by Salvador Dali, Dali Museum-Theatre, Figueres, Spain

Sculpture by Salvador Dali, Dali Museum-Theatre, Figueres, Spain. Photo by me!

If, like me, you’ve found yourself drowning in a tsunami of baked goodies this holiday season, perhaps you’ll want to make a New Year’s resolution.

Repeat with  me: In 2013,  I promise to choose fruit instead of baked sweets for treats, snacks, and dessert. More

You are my sunshine!


Vinny and I just got an early Christmas present. Casey of  Case of the Munchies has given us a Sunshine Award! What could be warmer at this time of year than to be recognized for working with children? More


Everyone deserves a little recognition now and then. So today, I’ll take a minute to shine a light on two wonderful bloggers. More

Inspiring blogger? Who, me?

Many thanks to fsszj of Household arts and science fame for awarding me the Inspiring Blog Award.

It’s an honor to be recognized by a person like fssz.  Her blog is the epitome of the art of home management. More

One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks so much to Household Science and Arts for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Especially so, as the honor comes from such a wonderful and prolific blogger herself. More

Food Stories Award

Cook Up a Story (the website) has just been nominated for a Food Stories Award. Many thanks to CJ of Food Stories Blog for this honor. More

Six great food blogs: Liebster shares the luvin’!

Liebster award

Sharing mostly free resources for young families, Florence is proactive and enthusiastic in imparting her local knowledge.

Last week when I opened my email I got a wonderful birthday present…  Mother on Edge  had given the Liebster award to Cook Up A Story! More

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