First they say to do and then, “no, don’t!”

Eat fish for healthy omega-3 fats. Here’s one that didn’t get away… A Dorade Royale from the Mediterranean.

The papers are talking today about a new study on omega-6 fats. Seems scientists had been telling people with heart problems to eat lots of omega-6 fats. But this new study suggests maybe they were wrong. Omega-6 fats could be damaging hearts more than fixing them. Corn oil, soy oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil all provide overly high amounts of omega-6. These oils are used in mayonnaise, margarine, fast food and processed food.

Although we need some omega-6, if we mustn’t eat too much in relation to omega-3. Too much omega-6 can over-power the rarer omega-3s that are so essential to our health.

The omega-3 fats from cold-water fish, however, are still just what the doctor ordered.

This flip-flopping doesn’t worry kids much, but parents might feel perplexed…

Fats have such complex chemistry! Scientists are still sorting things out. But Cook Up A Story has the basics  down for you. Its simple picture of how fats work in our body and what foods our bodies need for good health should stand up for a while in the face of new discoveries.

Balance is the key. It’s all good in moderation.

What's cookin' with you?

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