Hochepot de Queue de Boeuf, otherwise known as Oxtail Stew

Oxtail stew

They say third-time lucky. I admit I’ve posted this recipe twice before. But this time, I’ve deviated from the simple instructions found in an old French cook book intended for experienced chefs. Here, I’ve set out all the ingredients off the top. Then I’ve broken down the steps in a sensible order.

You can find my reworked recipe in my post of November 11, 2013, sadly, a few weeks late for Remembrance Day 2017. Better late than never.

Be warned, this dish takes a full day to prepare. But I suggest you take two days. The first day, precook the meat with a lot of veggies and pop in the fridge. The second day, you assemble your stew, dress it for your dinner party, and cook it some more.


Oxtail stew

Remembering old soldiers with Clementine’s oxtail stew

I invite you to click the the large heading above and link back to my newly crafted recipe. Five years is a long time. Bon appétit!

Oxtail stew

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