Cook Up A Story for the Holidays

Cook Up A Story - craft fair

I enjoyed participating in a few holiday craft sales this year, showing off my book Cook Up A Story. I met many wonderful people who bought up most of my stock and all of my aprons and chef hats.

I only have a few copies left. In Canadian dollars I can offer a better price than that at the Blurb Book store, which quotes American dollars. Because of the current exchange rate,  Canadian prices are lower than those quoted on Blurb Bookstore on-line. And conversely prices are 33% lower yet if you are paying in US dollars. As of Dec 17, I’m down to my last three copies:

  • 1 large soft-cover book in color at $30 (Canadian)
  • 1 large hard-cover color version (pictured) at $45
  • 1 small black and white copy, at $10.
  • Postage, if needed, is an additional $15.

For those who haven’t heard this already, Cook Up A Story celebrates the family with stories and activities everyone can enjoy. Starring kids 6-12 years old, the stories introduce themes like friendship, heritage, and courage.

Adventurous, silly, or even sometimes bitter sweet, each story comes with a few recipes, so kids can cook what they read.

Some of Pierre Sylvestre’s beautiful illustrations, from Cook Up A Story

Boy chef Vinny Grette  butts in throughout the book with comments about the food, nutrition, and hints on cooking. He’s a kind of know-it-all, but his heart is in the right place.

Vinny experiments with less sugar, healthier fats, and less salt in easy dishes like cookies, chicken wings and smoothies. He thinks balanced meals help families grow stronger and live longer.

If you would like to read these stories with your family and try out some of Vinny’s recipes and food experiments, let me know and we can arrange something through Paypal or ebanking.

Cook Up A Story could make a fun gift for the whole family to find under the tree this year.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. woodboneandstone
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 17:24:46

    Very creative!


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