Spotted puddink, an old favorite of British school kids


Vinny’s “skinny” Spotted Puddink

Get the kids together and make a “skinny” version of Spotted Dick, a traditional English steamed pudding. Cook up Harry Potter’s favorite dessert at Hogwarts just in time for the new school year and make some magic happen!

I’ve reworked this post from 2012. It’s skinny in the sense that I subbed out lard for shortening. That way we eliminate saturated fats but in return we get some trans fats, likely just as bad… I also use stevia in place of sugar in the custard. But “skinny” it will never be. I just have a little of it once in a long while, and leave it at that.

We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and perhaps it’s from so long ago that current readers haven’t yet seen it or won’t remember it. It’s challenging to try cooking the way people did before microwaves!

Here it is again, with explanations for the outlandish name and other interesting trivia! If you try this recipe with the family, let me know how you like it? Hugs, Vinny.

Click here for this most unusual post.

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