Ten Best Foods for a long life

Eat more leaves and berries

Eat more leaves and berries… and onions. And tomatoes!

Eating for a long life

Put these 10 foods on your grocery list every week and you’ll up your chances of living a longer, healthier, happier life! So says Dr. Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

I don’t usually do lists because there is often too much info in those sorts of posts to take in. Instead, I’ve spun a bunch of stories around many of these foods individually. Check out the links to my posts on the above list, if you have time. I hope my info and recipes have encouraged a few of you to try some healthy food options that may have been new to you.

Liking healthy foods

Especially, I hope you and your family have found new ways to actually “like” the new foods you’ve discovered!

As I’ve traveled this road to better health with you, I’ve learned plenty of nutrition tricks, myself. Some newbies for me have been pomegranates, chia, kale, and beans (yes, I never used to like these pasty veggies until I learned about hummus and the spicy black ones). Both of these beany dishes are now family favorites.

Pomegranates and pears make  kale taste great!

I’m still learning how to like kale better… it’s a tough sell for me. But as it ends up on the very top of the list of nutrient-dense foods, kale is worth learning to love more. See Vinny’s recipe for this  kale recipe here 🙂.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

All this has recently been brought home to me by a link I stumbled upon today: Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s site. Fuhrman is a medical doctor who was once a champion figure skater, taken out of contention by an injury. He’s spun a career out of promoting good nutrition, with several books and even a TV program to his credit.

Fuhrman doesn’t believe in diets. However, he’d like people to include more of these nutrient-dense foods in their daily fare… which means leaving out other foods that are just plain bereft of nutrients. Well, changing what you like to eat (and how much) is a “diet,” regardless of what you might want to call it. Only once you learn to like, even crave, the healthy foods that make up your daily meals can you safely remove the “diet” word from your food choices.

In the opinion of Dr. Fuhrman: “Unrefined plant foods should make up the bulk of your diet…[It’s obvious that] fruits and vegetables score highest on the nutrient density scale in terms of concentration of nutrients per calorie.”

This advice mirrors that of Michael Pollan and Dr. Mike Morano, two experts I’ve relied on in the past. I’m hoping by focusing on Fuhrman’s list of best food options, I’ll be able to kick my ailing meal plans back onto the right path… the one that leads to healthy eating!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chef mimi
    Aug 07, 2015 @ 10:37:38

    Such a great list! The only thing I can’t get is pomegranates, but I’m good at all of the rest!!!


  2. James
    Aug 04, 2015 @ 16:50:56

    My wife, daughter, and grandson love Pomegranates, but it just seems like so much work to go through for a meal. 😉


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