Food heroes that fight cancer

5 foods tht fight cancer

Foods that are known cancer fighters

Berries, walnuts, garlic, tomatoes and tea. What do they have in common? They are all proven cancer fighters!

They work best as members of a team. For best health, join them up on your plate with other battle-scarred food heroes of the likes that are cited in this valuable article from the American Institute for Cancer Research.

“Many individual minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals demonstrate anti-cancer effects. Yet evidence suggests it is the synergy of compounds working together in the overall diet that offers the strongest cancer protection.”

Bookmark this link, click on the foods mentioned there for more info, and check back there often. New heroes are awarded medals regularly, as research rolls in.

Raspberry torte from

Raspberry torte from “Night Circus.” You have to read the book :).


Vinny’s blog abounds with recipes using these super foods. Enter a food in the search box at the top of the blog and choose a recipe from the list that appears. Here are a few favorites:

Buy your good health at the market

Mom always said: Buy your good health at the market

What's cookin' with you?

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