Vinny celebrates an anniversary with a Christmas market

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Yesterday marked four years to the day since Vinny launched himself into the cybersphere. The time has flashed by. It’s been so much fun watching Vinny and the kids experiment with new foods. And I have had just as much fun figuring out how to tell you about our adventures into healthy eating, with stories and recipes that get your juices flowing. But the most fun comes from reading your comments, especially when you tell me about your own journey to the land of good health.

Each year about this time I rave about Jacquie Lawson’s advent calendars. I get no benefits from spreading the word. I just think kids have so much fun from all this eye candy… and with absolutely no sugary calories! So I thought I’d mark our anniversary by keeping the Lawson tradition going.

This year’s calendar seems especially fitting for a foodie blog. Come December, Jacquie will transport us each day to a festive Christmas market! Following the example of Christmas markets from Copenhagen to Vienna, you’ll be tempted by stalls of mouth-watering delicacies and entertained by delightful stories, games and puzzles. All this is accompanied by her gorgeous artwork and Christmas music!

If you’re interested,  check out the calendar here. I’ve just down-loaded mine. There were a few cautions which might cause some new users to hesitate. But I’ve downloaded Jacquie’s stuff for years and it works like a charm. I just say “yes” when prompted and am completely happy. If you try it, let me know what you think :).

Vinny talks with kids at the Farmer's Market

Kids check out Vinny’s book at the Farmer’s Market

Cook Up A Story, The Book

While we’re thinking about Christmas, you might also consider sending a family you love a copy of Vinny’s book, Cook Up A Story. It’s available in two formats, and by choosing hard or soft cover and black-and-white or color printing, there are several price points. The gorgeous art of Pierre Sylvestre is shown off  best  in color. A hard cover ensures a long life and a classy presentation. But the smaller formats contain the same stories, recipes, pictures and healthy nutrition tips at a better price.

Healthy eating for the whole family

Healthy eating for the whole family

You can even make little aprons or chef hats to go along with the book for a gift the kids in your family should love… especially when you read and cook together.

Blurb Creative Publishing Service offers a 20% discount in December with the promo code PDN11, which should cover your shipping costs. The promo codes are added at the end of your on-line transaction and are sometimes tricky. If one doesn’t work, try another. Your book is printed especially for you at a plant near the address to which it is to be shipped.  Allow sufficient time.

Click here to order it on-line tonight, and it will arrive soundly packaged in time for Christmas. Order from the Canadian site (even if you are in the US). The exchange rate is to your advantage.

If you live in Ottawa, I have some copies at a better price, with no shipping costs added on. Contact me through the menu at the top of the blog.

Coming up

I’ll be posting soon with info on making your own yogurt, easy and economical… and full of good nutrition. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, let me know what’s going on in your kitchen. I love to hear from you :).

Vinny hits the schools

Kids from 6 to 12 like the stories. The whole family digs the food!



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