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Joe is quite the artist - More milk please

Study Guide to Cook Up A Story


The many faces of milk is what Chapter 5 of the print version of Cook Up A Story is all about. The story, More Milk Please, offers a time-honored recipe for getting along with people—especially people of the opposite gender. Izzi’s best friend Jill and a jug of milk is all it takes to help her overcome her awkward shyness. You can learn to be just as cool as Jill by following her recipe for getting along with people… and whip up her creamy, low-fat smoothie, while you’re at it. Vinnie doesn’t leave without first introducing you to some of the issues around milk’s healthy goodness… and why it isn’t so healthy for some people.

Here are a few multiple-choice questions you can ask your kids as you read Vinny’s story together. It’s an interactive way to help your family get the most from the tale. Food facts about milk’s good and bad sides help teens plagued with friend issues find some new approaches to getting along. Let’s get cooking!

More Milk Please: Understanding the story

Why doesn’t Izzie want to go to the store for her mom?
1. It’s too cold to go for a long walk
2. She’s shy about meeting a guy there who likes her
3. She’s waiting for an important telephone call

How does Casey show Izzie he likes her?
1. He gives her some flowers
2. He calls her all the time on his cell
3. He writes a song about her

What does Izzie like about her best friend, Jill?
1. Jill has lots of money and spends it on Izzie
2. Jill does Izzie’s homework for her
3. Jill always asks how Izzie feels

Why doesn’t Izzie ever use her cell phone?
1. She can’t think of anything to say to people
2. She’s afraid she’ll say something stupid
3. She doesn’t know how to listen to people
—All of these

What was Jill’s advice to Izzie for having fun?
1. Focus on the other person rather than on what clever thing you might say next
2. Ask people questions
3. Find a few things you have in common and share
—All of these and more

How do we know Izzie was learning to be less shy around people?
1. She used her cell phone to call Jill
2. She began to look for excuses to go to the store and talk to Casey
3. She asked Casey if she could hang out with him sometime
—All of these

tea party

Recipe links

  • While Jill is teaching Izzie to be cool, she whips up a smoothie. You can make Jill’s smoothie, too. Read:
    • Jill’s strawberry smoothie
    • Dislike the taste of milk?

Nutrition links

  • Foods featured in Jill’s recipe:
    • low-fat/low-sugar yogurt
    • colorful fruit
    • flaxseed
    • low-fat milk
  • What are some of the goods things we find in milk and when is milk NOT good for us? Read:
    • Is milk good or bad for you?
    • Get the low down on low fat
  • Use fruits and veggies creatively to make all kinds of smoothies and other healthy dishes for picky eaters. For details, see:
    • Read more…

Food facts

  • Test your food science knowledge. Try the quiz:
    • What’s pasteurized milk?
  • Milk microorganisms can be good guys or baddies. How do we slay the baddies? Read:
    • Microorganisms are so teeny tiny….
  • What can we make with the help of the good guys? Read Vinny’s jokes (LOL).
  • Where does milk come from? Read:
    • It’s not just cows…

Cultural facts

  •   Vinny’s found a great story he wants to share, about food and best friends. In The Canning Season, two lonely girls enrich the lives of an older pair of sisters while they learn the meaning of friendship and caring. For details, see:
    • Read more…


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Happy reading and bon appétit :) .

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    Dec 16, 2013 @ 12:15:02

    What a cute name you came up with for a blog! Love it! And you take literally the Bible verse, “Train up a child in the way he should go . . . ” Blessings,


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