Body Basics – Chapter 1 of Vinny’s book “Cook Up A Story”

Wauna's ice krispies

Wauna’s ice krispies

Vinny’s messages hidden in  Body Basics

In the print version of Vinny’s book Cook Up A Story, read Vinny’s original fairy tale, Wauna’s Song. Then cook up some  Ice Krispies, mentioned in Wauna’s joke to the evil Snow-Woman. Wauna makes it easy to learn about your body, how it works, and how we need balanced  meals to make it run smoothly.

Here are a few multiple-choice questions you can ask your kids as you read Vinny’s story together. It’s an interactive way to help your family get the most from the tale. Use the story line to link up with great ideas for healthy eating and getting along well together. Let’s get cooking!

Wauna’s Song: Understanding the story

Why was Wauna so unhappy?
1. People laughed at her
2. She couldn’t sing nicely, like the other kids
3. She felt different                                                       Answer—All of these

What did Wauna do about her troubles?
1. Punched the kids who laughed at her the most
2. Ran away from home
3. Took singing lessons                                                 Answer—2

What did Wauna take with her on her adventure?
1. An ice pick
2. Some ice cubes
3. Some frozen cakes                                                     Answer—3

What one thing did Wauna do best?
1. Build rock sculptures
2. Hunt birds
3. Pound out dance rhythms with her drumstick     Answer—3

When she played her rhythms on the old log with her drumstick, who did she meet?
1. A talking bear
2. A honking goose
3. A girl who played the trombone                               Answer—2

What did Wauna agree to do for Wicasa, the King of the snow-geese?
1. Go to Icicle Manor
2. Make Snow-Woman laugh
3. Free the children                                                          Answer—All of these

How did Wauna come up with her jokes?
1. She got hungry and the food on the table triggered silly ideas in her brain
2. She read the comics in the newspaper
3. She had a jokes blog emailed to her ipod every day    Answer—1


How did Wauna finally succeed in making Snow-Woman laugh?
1. She tickled Snow-Woman’s toes
2. She told jokes
3. She made herself look foolish by singing                 Answer—3

What happened when Snow-Woman laughed?
1. Her spell was broken, freeing living things from their icy prisons
2. Her icy body melted into a puddle of water
3. Spring arrived at last                                                    Answer—All of these

What did Wauna learn from her adventures at Icicle Manor
1. Think about others more than yourself
2. People will like you as you are, especially if you try to help others
3. Home is where the heart is                                          Answer—All of these and more

Recipe link

  • Make the frozen cakes that inspired Wauna’s joke ideas. Check out:
    • Wauna’s Ice Krispies – a frozen yogurt bar

Nutrition links

  • Healthier foods featured:
    • low-fat dairy (cream cheese and yogurt – protein)
    • brown-rice cereal fortified with flax  (fiber and omega-3 fats)
    • a natural sweetener (maple syrup – minerals)
  • The large puddle left when Snow-Woman vanishes leads to talk about the importance of water for good health. Discuss how water makes up a large part of our body and why we need to drink water every day. Read:
    • What’s nearly 60% water?
    • What’s under your skin?
  • Wauna makes a joke about Snow-Woman’s human beans and what goes into her  pot luck dish. Discuss what really goes into making up a human body. Read:
    • Serve up some good health
  • Introduce the idea of macronutrients (protein and fat), which are used to make up the largest parts of our body, and micronutrients (minerals), which are necessary but needed only in tiny amounts. See diagram:
    • What stuff are YOU made from?
  • Feeling hungry sent triggers to Wauna’s brain. Discuss how our thoughts and feelings affect what we eat.
  • What makes up a balanced diet? Read:
    • Our body’s nutrients – why care?
  • Explain how our body breaks food down into its basic parts, molecules and atoms, and moves them to the areas of our body that need them.  Read:
    • Food – It’s basic chemistry
    • Getting in the groceries

Food fact

  • Discuss how we manufacture toasted rice cereals like Rice Krispies. Check the food label on a package of Rice Krispies. Notice how the cereal is Fortified. Discuss what that means. Read:
    • What makes your cereal talk?

Further learning

  •  Check out the Internet as a source of more recipes. Read:
    • More ghoolishous recipes
  • Check references for more info on the human body. Read:
    • Read more…
Inukshuk courtesy of Jasper's Gems
Photo courtesy of Jasper’s Gems

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