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A family's guide to healthy eating

Making nutrition fun through stories

I’m helping Vinny set up a new page in his main menu, called Study Guide.

The plan is to present a guide to healthy eating at home and school, for parents and teachers, based on Cook Up A Story.

Cook Up A Story started out as a way to introduce kids and their families to healthy eating ideas. I hoped to make nutrition fun through stories.

I began with a print book of six adventures for kids, where food is a part of the plot. The stories make bridges to nonfiction articles on the basics of nutrition the whole family can enjoy. The book also features recipes with healthy ingredients, so families can cook up the dishes that star in the tales.

Mohawk Gardens

After-school cooking program

The book and its activities also work well in a classroom setting.

After the book, along came Vinny’s blog. The blog built on the framework begun with the book. In the three years I’ve been publishing here, I’ve highlighted some of the many super foods out there, talked them up, and tried to make it cool to include them in your meals.

All this makes for a lot of info.

This new page, Vinny’s Study Guide,  is a kind of index. It pulls like things together from my book and my blog, so adults can help kids dig into the basics behind some of the food trends being tossed around out there these days.

What you’ll find in my study guide when I’m finished:

  • Posts on how best to mine Vinny’s book Cook Up A Story for ways to interest kids in healthy eating
  • Reviews on cook books featuring healthy ingredients and clear instructions
  • Recommendations for novels for kids and teens that feature food and exercise as part of the plot
  • Ideas for nonfiction for adults on cooking, particularly if it is aimed at families.
  • Related posts on super foods

Science is continuously refining what we know about nutrition. Often, it’s hard to tell the signal from the noise. What should we believe when the facts are changing so quickly? How can we best help our family cope with picky eaters or manage allergies… or succeed in controlling our weight?

Vinny’s response: We learn to understand how food feeds our body.  We adapt when new facts arise. Then, we choose foods to meet our needs.

Vinny’s Study Guide begins with a series on each of the six chapters in Vinny’s book. These posts contain questions you might ask your kids, as you read together. Questions help kids get to the core of the story. Then they prime the discussion on nutrition raised by the story’s themes. As family is central to a healthy lifestyle, family is also woven into the six tales.

Several of Vinny’s study guides for his  book are now on-line here.

Shop with Vinny for fun and good food

Shop with Vinny for fun and good food

And so ends the story of how Vinny came to write a blog of his own on healthy eating for kids and their families. Consider ordering a copy of Vinny’s book as a gift for someone you love. Healthy eating habits are one gift that lasts a lifetime.

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