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Vinny Says…

It’s so hard to control cravings while at the cottage, for some reason. I came across this helpful chart the other day, though, and thought it was worth sharing. Like, this morning for example… When presented with a tray full of sweet, home-made sticky buns, instead of the plain unadorned, brown sugary ones, I chose the ones full of nuts! Haha. That wasn’t much of a healthy substitution if I was looking to keep my calorie count down. I’d have to swim all day to make up for giving in to this treat. But… the nuts add lots of great nutrients! And you don’t get home-made bread every day. So worth the splurge!

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Earn Your Body

Food Cravings. A dieter’s worst nightmare.  How many of us can say I have never craved chocolate, chips, or an entire plate of pasta.  Cravings can single handedly destroy a diet or healthy nutrition lifestyle.  If we don’t answer our cravings, they tend to build and get worse.  I came across a great pin the other day that explained what your body is really craving when it wants chocolate and also some healthy options to replace chocolate with but still satisfy the craving.  Take a look below for a list of popular food cravings and how to cope.


Remember these replacements. Maybe copy or printout this chart and hang it in your kitchen.  Ignoring food cravings is just as bad as giving into them.  Substitute a healthy option and you will have more control over not only your cravings but you diet.  NO EXCUSES. EARN YOUR BODY.

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  1. lfrancois
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 17:04:01

    Vinny, thank you for visiting my blog; and your blogs are the bomb. Love them!


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