Fave fotos à la 2012

A year in review, through Vinny’s favorite pictures. The pictures are a fun way to index some of  the posts you liked best. Should old acquaintance be forgot… click through and remember! We’ll take a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne. Happy new year!


Low-sugar cookies

"Skinny" Brownies

“Skinny” brownies

Mohawk Gardens Public School

Vinny goes back to school

Beet cake

Beet treat

Tibetan pie with it's hat off, so you can see what's inside

Yak’s Sherpa pie

Let's make some chips!

Kale and coconut oil

Pink up your pickled eggs for even more pizzaz!

Eggs pickled pink

Drowning in sugar

Drowning in sugar

A scoop o' soup

A scoop o’ soup

Oh No! It's Dragon fruit... Hide!

Dragon fruit!

Picky food monsters

Picky food monsters

Trail mix

“Happy Trails” mix

Oh! Canada!

Oh! Canada!

Sun and sand dollars

Sun and sand dollars

Rumbledethumps... with sweet potatoes and white ones.

Lunch at Hogwarts

Snails and milk

Lower-fat escargots

Tea party: Sharon and Heather with Judy Van Wart

Tea party à la St-Paddy’s Day

Vinny's hazelnut chocolate not-quite-nutella sauce

Nutella from scratch

Let them eat snake

Let them eat snake

Here's Yoda Soda dressed up for Christmas

Yoda soda

baby talks to the hand

Pint-sized portions



Plateful of Mg

Plateful of Mg

Black Hack meets OObleck

Black Hack meets OObleck

Quinoa salad

Quinoa goes to a party

Green eggs

Blue eggs? Experiment!

They're from the Land of Time!

Eggs from the Land of Time

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  1. dosomethingnewchallenge
    Jan 13, 2013 @ 13:11:27

    Hey – thanks for stopping by my site – your stuff here looks incredible!


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