Fry up a little love this Christmas

Love on toast!

Here’s a twist on a favorite recipe that has love written all over it… a heart-y breakfast to get the family into a peaceful mood for Christmas. It’s made with eggs, Vinny’s theme in recent posts.

Eggs often get a bad rap in the press. But they have lots going for them, even though the yolks do contain cholesterol, a nasty fat associated with heart disease.  Recent studies show healthy people can eat up to 7 eggs a week, though, without damaging their hearts.

Eggs are an inexpensive source of protein. The yolk provides two nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin,  that protect your eyesight, as well as choline, a nutrient that keeps your brain sharp. Mom or Dad would love this for a special treat in the morning. I bet you would too! Give it a try soon.

Vinny’s heart-y breakfast treat     Serves one, but easily doubled

1 egg
1 tablespoon skim milk
1 slice of whole grain bread
1 teaspoon of olive oil

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small bowl, measuring spoons
heart-shaped cookie cutter
no-stick frying pan
egg flipper, serving plate

Get ready…
1.     Find your ingredients and equipment.
2.     Break the egg into the bowl and mix it up with the milk.
3.     With the cookie cutter, cut a heart from the center of the bread.
4.     Pour the oil into the frying pan. Put the pan on the stove on medium heat.

Get set…
1.     When the hot oil starts to crackle, put the slice of bread in the pan and pour the egg mixture into its hole. Put the heart-shaped cut-out in the pan beside it.
2.     After a few minutes, check the underside of the heart cut-out with a flipper and turn it when it’s golden. Cook another minute or two. Remove it from the heat, and put it on your plate.
3.     When the egg mixture sets, use the flipper to turn the egg and bread over together, and brown the other side for a minute or so.

1.     Lift the egg and bread from the pan. Put it on your plate.
2.     Add a dash of sea salt and a good sprinkle of pepper.
3.     Top it off with your golden-heart cut-out, and share the love!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kathryningrid
    Jan 02, 2015 @ 02:14:09

    We made these fairly often when I was growing up, and they are still a great favorite of mine. Butter and eggs! Does it get any better? Glad to meet you!
    Cheers, and happy 2015,


    • Vinny Grette
      Jan 02, 2015 @ 08:53:02

      So true! I also like the presentation :). Have you checked out any of my newer posts? How did you find these ones? I’m about to do my year-end reno to highlight this year’s efforts 🙂 – Sharon


  2. Plates of Art
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 13:53:37

    This is so cute! and looks easy and also delicious!


  3. Vinny Grette
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 16:45:20

    Thanks for your comment! You can also let the bread soak for a bit in the egg mixture, kind of like French toast, before putting the whole thing in the pan and pouring the remaining liquid into the hole. In this case, let the bread cook longer on each side, to make sure the egg is thoroughly heated through before eating.


  4. theycallthewind
    Jan 06, 2012 @ 13:45:23

    What a cute twist on an egg-in-a-hole! Definitely going to try this. 🙂


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