Christmas advent fun can be had, without chocolate!

London Tower helps bring Christmas closer

Only 10 more sleeps until we turn the calendar on a new month – December. Then the fun begins! Many people start counting down the days to Christmas with an advent calendar. Each day comes with a thought, a scene, and/or a chocolate candy that brings us closer to the real meaning of the holiday.

For Christians, the holiday is a celebration of the birth of Christ. We mark it with many happy traditions that unite our family with yours. We also reach out to people of other faiths at this happy time. We recognize that we are all part of one large family – citizens of the world.

My advent calendar this year comes without chocolate. It is an Internet version of the city of London, in England, where my daughter now lives with her husband. The city scape gets more and more lively the closer we get to Christmas. Every day there’s a new animation or game with music, always a surprise. No matter when I visit my internet London, it’s the same time of day or night as it is in my own house. Even the moon looks the same as it does at my place.

This London animation comes to us courtesy of Jacquie Lawson and costs $3 to download (or only $2 a copy if you buy five to send to friends).  There are a lot fewer empty Calories involved than with a traditional calendar filled with wishy-washy milk chocolate… like none! And just tons more fun.  Check out the calendar here! If you actually get to go to London, like in real, there’s much that’s good to eat. For one blog featuring London, check here.

If you want an advent calendar you can actually hold in your hand, try the bookstore of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have fantastically gorgiferous calendars that work their magic without candy.

So, there’s two suggestions for fun and artful Christmas countdowns. Enjoy!

Cook Up A Story. See main menu for more about the book. Click pic to order.

And when you’re thinking of useful and healthy, responsible gifts for Christmas, don’t forget Vinny. Check out his book on-line, but don’t forget to click the link in the right menu on this site first, for current promotion codes to ensure the best possible price. US prices are better than Canadian ones, so select US Dollars (bottom right on your screen in the bookstore) to get yourself started.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr. Highley
    Dec 16, 2011 @ 14:18:14

    Students at our school just love this!! If we forget, they are certain to remind us that we need to click on the missed date!!! They love the combination of music, animation and the colours. At the same time, they are learning about one of our planet’s amazing cities. Thanks for sharing!!!!


    • Vinny Grette
      Dec 16, 2011 @ 16:47:54

      So glad to hear how a whole school full of kids are enjoying this suggestion. Jacquie Lawson’s Advent Calendar is a December highlight in our family too. Plus it’s sugar free 🙂 My favorite scene so far has been Albert Hall.


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