Gonna try with a little help from my friends

Vinny and friends

Cook Up A Story  is ready! This morning the first copy came out of the oven and is sitting on my kitchen counter. Once it’s cool, we’ll let you sample it. Hope you’ll like the flavor!

ACTive.Voice, a very small press indeed, is the publisher. That means Cook Up A Story is getting by with a very very small marketing staff… namely, me. And we have an even tinier marketing budget… mostly just elbow grease. Vinny’s hoping we can get the story out there anyway, with a little help from our friends.

Vinny has a Facebook page. And Vinny has his own blog. And Vinny is starting to make some friends there, old and new. But he needs more friends. He needs your help!

Get Ready… If you have a Facebook account, can you do Vinny a big favor? Can you look at Vinny’s page on Facebook and like it? If Vinny gets enough fans, he wins some freebie marketing things that might help a lot.

Get Set… You can also help by logging on to Vinny’s blog. When you get there, could you maybe click the like button at the bottom of the page? The more likes the blog gets, the more it turns up on Google search engines and other good things like that. You can also subscribe if you want to be notified by email whenever Vinny publishes a new post – see menu on the right.

Go!  Vinny has posted more than 25 stories on his blog for you since Christmas, for your reading (and eating) pleasure. We hope once news of the book gets out, we’ll get kids and their parents posting here too. Maybe you can help them get started?  Let Vinny know you’ve visited by leaving him a comment of your own (top left) on some of  your favorite posts.

Finally, if you can think of someone we can approach who might like us to set up an after-school course or presentation for them featuring Cook Up A Story (stories, healthy eating, cooking tips etc for kids 8-12), would you tell us (and them) about it? Send them this link. Or ask me for a brochure you can pass along. I’ll keep track of and follow up on any and all marketing leads.

Once Cook Up A Story actually arrives here in Ottawa, Vinny will have a big party and you’re all invited! Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter in the life of Vinny.

We’re getting $1 or $2 a book as profit, which initially will cover expenses.  We’re  donating anything left over  after that to literacy programs in the community. Thanks for your help in getting the Vinny’s healthy-eating messages out to kids! 🙂 We’ll get by with a little help from our friends.

What's cookin' with you?

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