The Prune Song… Tra lalalala

Sing along with Frank Crumit!

The words for the Prune Song appear in Vinny’s book Cook Up A Story, so Vinny thought you might like to hear the tune, here. Granny learned The Prune Song at camp when she was a girl. She would sing it whenever we washed a load of dishes together. I loved it (and Granny, too!).

The Prune Song, by the Countdown Kids  in 2009,  sounds like this. But it goes back a lot farther than that. Here is the original recording, by Frank Crumit in 1928.   And this one is fun too, by The Six Jumping Jacks…  from the same period, but a lot clearer and jazzier. Tra lalalala.

It was over 80 years ago that this song first came out on the old 78 rpm records. Read some of the comments on You-tube. They’ll fly you back in time. Fun! I love You-tube, don’t you? Have you got any oldies you’d like to share with us? Are they funny? Do they have anything to do with food? How about posting them for us here!

What's cookin' with you?

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