It’s not always as easy as pie…

Sugar bombs!

Just when you think you know what things are good for you to eat, someone throws you a hot potato.

Let’s say you’ve  got it figured out that sugar tastes good, but it isn’t the best thing in the world to eat too much of.  So you want to choose foods with less sugar. OK, good. Then take this little test. Which of these three foods has the most sugar?

a) One serving of oat cereal, like Cheerios

b) One serving of chocolate-flavored puffed corn cereal

c) One serving of fruit-flavored yogurt

Don’t scroll down till you’ve settled on an answer.

Have you picked?

Ok, scroll down now.

If you picked b you could be wrong. Some fruit-flavored yogurts have as much as 30 grams of sugar in a single serving. One  serving of chocolate-flavored puffed corn cereal has only 14 grams of sugar. So if sugar is a problem, sweetened cereal with milk is better for you than overly sweetened yogurts. But check out the nutrition label for Cheerios. It has only 1 gram of sugar per serving. It’s by far the best bet for families trying to keep their sugar habit in check.

Cook Up a Story gives kids lots of tips on how to understand all that stuff on the package about nutrition. It makes sense. Read the labels and eat smart!

Cartoon comes from the website kmkirbynapkins – too cute!

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