Mood foods… What’s yours?

Roast turkey cheers us up for the holidays!

Which foods do you turn to when you need cheering up? Donuts, maybe? Better think again.

Scientists say no play time along with too many sweets can leave a kid feeling pretty low.

But wait… There are some foods that can actually make you feel better when you’re down. And I’m not talking medicine here. Sweet potatoes for one. They have a mineral that helps fight the blues. Same with apple juice. And dates!

Dark green veggies have another mineral that works with oxygen to help calm your breathing and heartbeat.

And meat is made up of molecules that turn on your happiness centers!

Cook Up A Story has a whole chapter devoted to mood foods. Isn’t it amazing? Eat a bunch of fruits, veggies and protein and see how your moods improve.

What's cookin' with you?

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