An advent calendar that’s more fun than chocolate

Braided bread at Christmas

Braided bread at Christmas

Only five more sleeps till Christmas! And today I clicked the button for the 20th of December and watched my pal Chudleigh (a friendly black Lab) make a new friend.

My advent calendar this year is a little English Internet village… which gets more and more lively the closer we get to Christmas. Every day there’s a new animation with music, always a surprise. No matter when I visit my village, it’s the same time of day or night as it is in my own house. Even the moon looks the same as it does at my place. Wrapping presents on the 13th was a riot!

It costs $3 to download a copy… but it’s so much more fun than eating the same old candy every day—and a lot fewer empty Calories… like none! There’s still time to enjoy the village before Christmas (it comes right away once you pay). But if you don’t get around to it this year, I sure hope Jacquie Lawson builds another one for us to visit next year. Check out the calendar here, or come back here again next Christmas!

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